I.T. Matter

Change. Diversity. Over the years information technology invades and rapidly growing part of today’s society and lives of well-being. It transforms the perspective of how people see things and affects everyone’s life in many aspects.  The diversity of its nature quickly changes lives.

Information technology discusses to any development that mainly involves computer-based information systems comprising of software applications and the computer hardware. Its importance have been greatly influencing might be at work, our personal lives, and even professional development. We have been confronted by its importance but the difference is on how advance it is in terms of usability.

At work people who do not have certain software or hardware on the workplace might find it difficult to access word documents, power point, and web applications. They would find making reports and presentations challenging. With the use of I.T. helps perform tasks and obligations with accuracy and less time and effort. It increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Information Technology enhances quality of life. It is so closely attached with our daily lives because half the efforts that we have to make in our daily lives in order to sustain and expand are now being done and completed by technological gadgets and machines. Information technology in the modern day and age has a lot to do with communication and accessibility which is mostly why the use of technology is associated with information. Communication covers a huge part of what information technology is for the people of the modern age because when we think of accessibility and an easy life, we automatically point towards technological innovations such as the Internet and the mobile phones along with a thousand other inventions. For instance, we can connect directly to family and loved ones even thousand miles away through internet, computers, and web cameras. Access to most of information (current trends and issues) helps people connect to the world. Purchasing and shopping, paying bills, dining outside, etc. made easy through I.T.

Professional development closely related not only with promotion in the workplace but also in education.  Having knowledge about I.T. (software and hardware) is not only essential but also in education with educational purposes in school and even home school training. Without I.T. there is a possibility of immobile professional development and education levels would not be as high as they are today without these essential fundamentals. I.T. is unique and helps professionals become much more familiar with team task and assignments, productivity and efficiency, and many other factors that are important in development of career.

Nowadays it’s like people cannot move forward and do things without I.T interfering their activities. Information technology is delight for the part with a gigantic impact on our daily lives but it should be used responsibly while realizing the significance of personal struggle and effort. We cannot deny that information technology has become the most significant part of our daily lives while making our lives a lot more hassle-free and swift.

Herein is the video published in You Tube on why I.T. Matter.


VBlog on RUSI

As defined in Wikipedia, social media are computer-mediated  technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition; however, there are some common features.

  • Social media are interactive Web 2.0 Internet-based applications.
  • Use-generated content such as text posts or comments, digital photos or videos or videos, and data generated through all online interactions, is the lifeblood of social media.
  • Users create service-specific profiles for the website or application that are designed and maintained by the social media organization.
  • Social media facilitate the development of online social networks by connecting a user’s profile with those of other individuals or groups.

In the recent research of Mao, 2014, social media can be categorised in four groups as follows;

  • social networking tools and instant messengers such as Facebook, Skype, Tumblr and so forth;
  • tools for social publishing, social sharing, bookmarking, and collaborating, including tools like blogs, wikis, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Youtube, Picasa, GoogleDocs, Spreadsheets, Slideshare, Dropbox, Gliffy and so on;
  • Social tools for content management as well as calendars, surveys, and polls such as Moodle or Edmondo; and
  • Virtual worlds and gaming environments such as SecondLife, WeeWorld, Webkinz and so forth.

Social Media has been a potent tool in helping one’s life or generally used for professional or corporate environment, for social bookmarking and networking. Finding a way to utilize social media and other technological advances is keeping the community especially the youth to find ways access by guiding and instilling good values so that they become conscientious and responsible.

By the pervasiveness and contagious impact of social media, I personally commits to

  1. Share positive, optimistic, educate, empower and inspiring stories, links and articles

The responsibility in making this world better and sensible for place to live in be lived within everyone. Thus, by spreading positive message in and beyond social media, it thrives for positive impact, morale boosting and knowledge yearning. It should be a tool for betterment and common good.

  1. Respect the comment made by others and leave the adversarial and false statement within their limits or social jurisdiction.

Each of us has been given the universal freedom of expression however, this is must be used responsibly and reasonably. In this context, it is not advisable to post confrontational reactions or comments in the statement made by certain individual especially if it is critical and would induce or incite chaos or disorder. Reserve your own shot in your page, blog or timeline but such expression must not debased and damaged personal reputation or private name of individuals. Words must be couched within the bounds of reason, truth, and common sense.

  1. Report any false or inappropriate content in proper authorities and block or not to entertain unknown people in social media.
  2. Avoid posting or sharing of confidential or sensitive information regarding office mates, friends, and other individuals.
  3. Check and verify the truthfulness and veracity the source and the content of the information.
  4. Do not flaunt your wealth to avoid danger or threat.
  5. Do not divulge confidential information especially if it would compromise the safety and operations of institution/organization.
  6. The time and mindset of individuals must not be eaten wholly by social media. It is far more better to organized  tasks that will strengthen teamwork, goodwill and virtues/good values and let time be allocated based on its significance and preference.

Underneath is the speech of the actor of John Arcilla on the responsible use of social media during the 2017 Manila Social Good Summit at Samsung Hall, SM Aura last September 16, 2017 posted/published by Rappler in YouTube.

Piracy beyond the Air and the Sea


Despite of punitive action, still software piracy is rampant and prevalent in the Philippines. According to International Planning & Research Corporation, Business Software Alliance & Software & Information Industry Assoc., 1998 Global Software Piracy Report 2 (May 1999) , nearly eight out of ten software applications were pirated. According to 2011 Business Software Alliance Global Software Piracy Study, seven out of ten software in the Philippines is unlicensed. In another 2014 Business Software Alliance Global Piracy Study, showed that the Philippines has a 70% software piracy rate.

There is no one to blame for using pirated software except themselves. The circumstances that the high cost of legal or original copy of software is a virtual and accepted fact. We cannot dictate the market and as well as the price set by the makers. Such, there are no free “lunch” in this world. In their pursuit of using pirated software, they have to face the response of their illegal and notorious activity. Dura Lex, Sed Lex.

We have to reintegrate and enliven our virtues to alleviate the diverse effect of the world of materialism. Possibility is to have patience in buying of original copy of software. By having this in mind and in action, we can alleviate the problem of software piracy. After all, we can purchase the said software in right price at the right time.

For software companies, they should be encouraged to establish manufacturing divisions in the Philippines. By tapping skilled Filipinos in field of information and computer technology, unemployment and persons engaging in software piracy shall be lessened. Since the software are already Philippine made, expensive costs might be addressed.

They should also venture with the government to invest in research and development in science and technology and to train the government employees who are in charge of combatting software piracy.  Through this, technical capability of the country will be increased especially in the monitoring and fighting software piracy. Another idea is that software companies shall provide incentives to their loyal local users to boost their relationships and operations. By strengthening external partnerships, this will be a good beginning in educating the public and legal professionals about the concept and value of intellectual property.

Having this good rapport and linkages, the software companies will be understood on their fight for protection of rights over original software and the users will be enlightened of their rights as consumers.


Benefits from Knowledge Management

In the billions of people scattered in the global arena, poised an irreversible truth that each possess unique characteristics which may impress their respective distinction. This delineation does not provide clear division or line for discrimination but a better perspective for equality and creativity. Such, variance in the propensity and gravity of their skills, competencies and knowledge, illuminate that they have their fair share in making this world round and in keeping it going.

This characteristic play a similar semblance in private and government institution as they have specialized field and expertise and as they have to devote on their respective mandate and thrust so that on its essence, its purpose and end will have also to be served and qualified.

In line of context, a phrase is being invoked that there is no monopoly of knowledge; that each one of us knows something, even if it is not much. Thus, sharing of knowledge especially our learning is very important for the attainment of vision, mission, goals and objectives of certain institution. This swells as an ingredient fact and part of success.

George Reynolds in his book on “Information Technology for Managers”, defined Knowledge Management as a practice concerned with increasing awareness, fostering learning, speeding collaboration and innovation and exchanging insights. It also involved creating value from an organization’s intellectual assets through codifying what employees, suppliers, business partners and customers know and then sharing that information with employees and other companies.

By way of its importance, Knowledge Management provide numerous benefits such as but not limited to;

  1. Swift and Engaging Decision Making

In the process of Knowledge Management, it includes the dispersal and diffusion of meaningful information and learning from experience of people all across the organization. This afford to increase or enhance the needed knowledge and competencies of the individual employees. The richness thereof excite the participation and collaboration of everyone as it fill the gaps and deficiencies of others and elevate the significance of everyone in an organization. From this, it allows employees to craft good and sensible decisions and standard rules and to draw and settle common approach and structure on work processes, problems and other issues.

  1. Improvement of Workforce Behavior

Knowledge Management address the communication process, openness and integration of employees in the organization. This is through personal meeting and conversation, personalized portals, RSS feeds and other enterprise search engines. Recurrence and complete embodiment of this system deliver wonderful and vibrant opportunity to improve the people’s collaboration within the organization and likewise, their interaction. Beyond that, it forged trust, unity and cooperation between the management and rank-in-file.

  1. Stimulating Innovation and Growth

The effective sharing of knowledge and likewise, by the retiring employees to the new ones sustains the continuity of operation and life of the organization. At the same time, creating good and functional environment stimulate innovation and organizational and personnel growth.

This repository pictures the succinct explanation of “Knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment.” And leading to the creation of SYNERGY.


Strategies in Enhancing the Effective Implementation of Business Intelligence Tools


On the book entitled “Information Technology for Managers” authored by George Reynolds, business intelligence or (BI) as a wide range of applications, practices and technologies for the extraction, translation, integration, analysis and presentation of data to support decision making. This is composited by a huge data warehouse or data marts of business data, from which it engage in mining, spotting, digging or analyzing operations to produce appropriate reports, to predict future conditions and make necessary adjustment on staffing, purchasing, financing and other operational areas for an effective and efficient decision making.

Now, as its significance submerge in deep core of the every organization and company, we have to more proactive and embrace these changes so encourage the sustainability and feasibility of their business existence.

Thus, there is a high regard position for the effective use business intelligence. Its value must be satisfied by;

  1. Employee’s awareness. The employees must be immersed to the different business intelligence tools, on its importance, operations and uses. This nurturing process will eventually develop a standard that the use of BI tools are expected and enhance their familiarization on business intelligence tools, competencies and roles in the realization of company’s or organization’s goals.
  2. Hire employees who has good background or has leanings on BI and IS.
  3. Strengthen the training and development of employees and as well of the managers and supervisors. This will create certain degree of acceptance and integration of business intelligence tools as they grow and work together. It will also heightened the sharing of knowledge and able to leverage their expertise and experience.
  4. Placement of Feedback and Monitoring Mechanism. This will cater the needs of employees especially their problems encountered during the implementation of BI.
  5. Impose the reward system. Rewards is more tangible mode in motivating and delighting the employees to study, accept and implement/execute the BI tools. To help them grow, the organization or company must formulate directive patterns that will strengthen love, unity, harmony, efficiency and responsibility and accountability of employees and it does not include punitive action which encapsulate fear.

The introduction of highly innovative systems in the market is quite engaging and speedily moving. However the future will be molded by technology, then there is an impetus on managers and implementer to formulate wide range of strategies to meet these challenges and risks. Otherwise, your company or organization will be left behind.

The Sharp Edge and Thriving Luminosity of Online Shopping


In the modern trend of life, it is now confronted with the medium invented and offered by science and technology. Sensing by its significance and perspective on humans, these products and equipment contrived to provide convenience and easy way of living. Such the case of online shopping. It creates a new avenue where it make seller and buyer nearer by endeavoring an alternative way of merchandising. By utilizing the internet, products and services transcends beyond time and distance.

As reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, more and more Filipinos are beginning to shop online, according to the results of MasterCard’s Online Shopping Behavior Study 2012 in 14 Asia Pacific countries. The survey also shows that the country’s e-commerce potential is expected to grow even more with the emergence of enabling technologies. Dominating the Philippine e-commerce landscape are local deals and promo websites, although the most visited website is eBay (12.5%). It is followed by Sulit (10.1%), Metrodeal (7.2%), Cebu Pacific (6.0%), Ensogo (5.5%), and Amazon (5.1%). The preference for local sites is due to fear of hidden charges, concerns about security and speed of delivery, and the availability of most of the items in local sites. (http://business.inquirer.net/111455/more-filipinos-now-shopping-online#ixzz58n0suJuD)

To understand, here is a videoclip about nature, significance and impact of online shopping.

As shopaholics explore the world of on line shopping, be alert and censorious on the products being sold in online shopping or else, you will put in the scenario of expectation versus reality.

Nonetheless, all products may be tapped and bourght on line but perishable ones are a big no-no in online shopping because of its nature to decay or to go bad quickly.

Enriching the mindset of the consumers/buyers, please watch this video.

In the end, shopping has been a part of human’s life. To this, temptation of shopping on line will reach and test in the tip of chance or the edge of requirement. So, have a nice experience!

The Opportunities Brought about by Wireless Technologies

In the dramatic rise of technology, the change and introduction of different medium and equipment are prevalent. Unstoppable as its significance grows in every seconds of time. This is further enhanced as it is now a strategic saying in and among the corporate and government world.

In this context, its opportunities can be highlighted in the following;

  • It increased collaborative and effective teamwork. It introduce the use of wireless technologies which can be used in any part of the office. Employees or ranking officials can suggest on the work of others and can get along with other without losing connection to the Internet Provider.
  • Improved responsiveness and information access. It is in the belief that information can be reached within the tip of the staff’s finger. Data and report on inventory, number of employees and other needed information is now in the control of top management which is very vital in his/her decision making.
  • It is considered as a Cost saving device. It expands the financial savings of the institution where he or she is working as it now encourage the use of wireless equipment. Wiring sometimes set as an eye sore to guests and other visitors.

With this opportunities, the organization involved may take advantage by ensuring the safe usage of wireless networks through setting policy both hardware and software in wireless network as security feature and setting policy in workplace or working environment to ensure safe usage. In addition, may I share this video which transcends the exponential items in protecting wireless networks.


In this modern era, Eduardo Bhatia remained bullish on wireless networks as he said “Broadband, wireless, and technology services have become a vibrant sector of our national economy with the potential to both empower and invest in our communities”

Thus, wireless networking is a boom for business and government services.